Friday, December 11, 2009

Weinermobiles for all

This is not a very Advent-y subject, but I need to share.

D. stayed home from school today with a fever and cough...maybe the fifth round so far this fall and winter (ah...young children and their germy ways...). As he loves to do, he set up shop mid-afternoon to work on a few projects. He started by working on a "hot dog car."

This made me giggle because clearly, he was dreaming of Oscar Mayer's Weinermobile, which he had never encountered and thus had no knowledge of. But I had a friend in college who actually interviewed to drive around the U.S. in one of the Weinermobiles. And due to the stiff competition for slots on the dog (heehee), she was not selected. This was very heart-breaking for her.

But in a five-year-old's heart, the Weinermobile exists before words like Weinermobile are known. And so, over the course of about an hour, the child had drawn, colored, and cut out five Weinermobiles.

They are taped to the wall in the living room, even as I type. One for each of us. There is a Weinermobile that says, "Mommy," down there right now. I feel nice about that.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The end of Advent, week 1

Light breaks in.

I'm finding myself full of longing this Advent. I am longing for the Light of the world.

For Him to break-in, to be my hope in every moment. For Him to remind me that His good work in me - in others - is being carried on to completion.

For His Light to be satisfying - to be so satisfying that the temptations of other smaller, weaker, yet consistently enticing lights would appear to me what they really are - poor, dim candles that do not even compare to the fire of His glory.

Oh come, oh come, Emmanuel. You are the Light of the world. Without Your light, I walk in darkness.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving Rewind

Second to marriage and the births of our three cute kids...Thanksgiving this year marked perhaps the fifth most glorious moment of my life. (I have truly pondered this, and it might really be the fifth such moment for me...or at least in the top ten...)

Kevin and I loaded up the van with the children and all of our gear and drove off to Missouri to surprise Nanny with Thanksgiving guests of the grandchild variety (for a host of reasons, we had to let Poppy in on the plan - he was a good teammate in Operation Nanny Surprise).

We had several wonderful, dear, sweet-memory-inspiring adventures over the nine days we traveled, and you will find my attempts at a photo journal below.

God in His grace was present with us in the good gifts of time with faraway friends and family.

First Stop: A Hotel I Will Not Name in Columbus, OH

For good reasons, no photos. If you are ever traveling through Columbus and are looking for accommodation suggestions, I can tell you where NOT to stay.

Next stop: Rest and play with Auntie Stuff and Uncle C

It didn't take long for the kids to get reacquainted.

Kevin and Uncle C busy with the Wii. Note the mesmerized child too close to the t.v.

Our Little Sissy says to Their Little Sissy, "So, you want to be roommates at Mizzou someday?"

More of Our Children admiring Their Children.

I fear I don't have the words to say this appropriately...but there is something so deeply right about our children loving the children of such dear friends. In my ideal world, our six children would grow up as next door neighbors...or would at least live in adjoining states...but for now we are friends living on the East Coast and in the Midwest. We miss you!

Next stop: Nanny and Poppy's house

Here D. waits eagerly with Poppy for Nanny to arrive home to be greeted with our surprise.

Sadly, we didn't get the actual moment of Nanny's arrival in a photo. It was all very exciting, though. She pulled into the driveway, and after she stopped the car, we sent D. around to her side to be exuberant toward her when she opened the door (for those of you who love D. with us, this exuberance is not hard to imagine). The whole scenario was made a big tricky as it was nighttime and dark outside...but D. did a great job surprising Nanny, and we all visited happily ever after.

Next stop: Grandma Minnie's

Poppy and D. on the tractor.

Nanny with her namesake.

Walnuts. (You can't see them in the photo, but the walnuts under the plastic crate are the items of interest.)

Grandma Minnie takes Sissy and D. for a spin.

Walnuts revealed.